started as a blog as an ode to my lappie Delta, now has become part of my usual weekly activity.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

My legs are kiliing me!!!

[Mood] :| (No stairs please.)

Last thursday (while on leave from work to rest), I went to the gym to have my scheduled personal training. Haven't been to the gym for a month as I was busy with alot of stuff. So my trainer had planned exercises for my lower body. Nabigla yata ako. The following day, my thighs felt really tired and in pain. Walking is ok, but going down or up the stairs is just torture. Until now, my thighs are still like this. I think they just improved a bit, but still, I'm still having a hard time bending my knees and havong my thighs support my upper body. ouch! I'm just thinking if I'll be having PT tomorrow. Although upper body naman siya, pero I still have to do cardio before that. We'll see.

Though Chain:Why do i torture myself? well, I'll be going to bohol 2 weeks from now. Have to lose as much weight as I can before I hit the beach. hehehe.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Insecure vs. Unsecure (computer stuff)

[Mood] :? (Don't give me that look.)

I told an officemate of mine a story on how one of our customers emailed one of support group regarding how she did not continue her membership payment because she thought the system was 'insecure'. My officemate gave me a look like she was saying, "insecure? like duh, are you stupid?", which prompted me to just say, "unsecure!". Like shit, I'm not wrong! there isn't even an entry for 'unsecure' in the Merriam-Webster dictionary ( There is for 'unsecureD' but not for 'unsecure'. I stumbled across this article ( where another individual (not just me) is dumbfounded about this prefix problem.

So guys, get your thoughts straight about say, 'insecure wireless networks'. No, they're not crying about their narrow bandwidth nor how their neighboring networks use apple airports.

Though Chain: Off to bed. Seriously

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fringing Cool! Skype mobile for UIQ and other smartphones

[Mood] :D (Cool!)

I just found a new application for my mobile device that sure is cool. It's called fring! It allows your Smartphone(Symbian or Windows Mobile device) to connect to your Skype account. Thankfully, one is available for the P990i. It does not only connect to Skype, it can also connect to GTalk, ICQ, Twitter and others. As fo me, I'm only really interested with Skype. The Skype chat feature works like a charm. Although I have yet to try using it to call other Skype contacts. I hope Skype would release an official UIQ Skype client. That way, I can call international locations using my Skype credit. I did a test Fring call, and it's quite cool that you're using your smartphone to do VOIP. I did it over my WiFi connection at home. I wonder about the lag if I do it over 3g. Anyway, will be testing the app for next few weeks.

Though Chain: Yeah, it has been a while since I last blogged. Will start blogging more often.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What will your last memory of this world be?

[Mood] :( (Youth was something I took for granted.)

I found out yesterday that one of my dorm mates who I used to bond with died last sunday of a degenerative disease she was diagnosed 2 years ago. May her soul rest in peace, she was still relatively young to leave this earth. I haven't been able to talk to my dorm friends for quite some time. Yesterday, I just tried sending an SMS to one of my old dorm friends, and she dropped the news on me. I felt sad. I even think I got to ride a jeep with her 3 months ago. But I wasn't sure if it was her since she didn't look like the friend I used to know. She may have even been thinking the same thing while she was on the same jeep too. Somehow, I felt sad not even trying to ask if it was her. All those years I haven't seen them (honestly, I did deliberately cut my ties with them) made me very distant with them. I don't know how they look anymore. Probably they don't look like the young dorm friends I used to know. We're all starting to age. And soon, we'll all start to wither from this earth. When that time comes, what would you like to be your last memory of this earth?

Though Chain: Morbid as it may be, I've already pictured my death. At least one last meal with loved ones, one last look at the sunset, and one last i love you to the people I've shared my heart with.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Saw a great jacket which I like at Merger

[Mood] :D (gastos nanaman ito. hehehe)

I went to Megamall today to meet Darl and pay my PLDT bill too. We chanced upon Ja and Joey inside the mall. After eating snack, we went to Tango and Merger (T&M) to see their sale items. I went there yesterday and was able to buy 2 neckties for just 500 pesos for both. Great deal if I may say. I bought a red one and a yellowish-gold one. This time, Ja was planning to buy something for her office wardrobe. While she was looking around, I went around too, to find some more neckties which I could buy. Then I decided to fit some of their coats since I was getting bored and asked for some sport suit jackets (Kunwari bibili). The guy who was their in-house consultant gave me three jackets to choose from. The first was a zipped up suit jacket. It was nice and could be worn from business casual to semi-formal. The next two looked a bit more formal (one had 2 buttons, the other, 3) but could also be worn from business casual to semi-formal. I thought at first glance that the latter two was a bit too formal and wouldn't fit me. Anyway, I tried on the next two. Quite to my surprise, the latter two were very nice and flattering. The jackets had a very nice cut which was really great (as in gusto kong bilhin bigla, hahaha). Then it occured to me that the company will be having our annual development executive cocktail (a free gathering for development executives on May 23 at the sidebar in ortigas, visit to register for the event). Anyway, so I thought of investing on this really nice suit jacket. Although the expense isn't really part of my budget for this month, but I think it will be a valuable addition to my wardrobe (since I don't have any suit jackets). I may go around a bit on Monday and Tuesday at the mall to see more jackets and compare prices (maybe G2000 or Van Heusen, M&S maybe an option also). But I'm quite sold to that jacket. You guys should try dropping by Merger at T&M at the 3/F in Mega B. Haaayyy... gastos nanaman ito. Nagkatotoo yung kunwari. hahaha.

Though Chain: I also passed by the department store after to see what they have. I don't know if i'm just biased, but I think their jackets aren't as nice as the ones I saw at Merger. :D